Council Resolution 97-06

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ORIGINAL:  English

Pittsburgh, June 12, 1997

North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) Review Pursuant to Article 10:1(b)


ACKNOWLEDGING Article 10:1(b) of the NAAEC, which provides that the Council shall oversee the implementation and develop recommendations on the further elaboration of the NAAEC and, to this end, shall, within four years after the date of entry into force of the NAAEC, review its operation and effectiveness in light of experience;

RECOGNIZING that the NAAEC entered into force on January 1, 1994;

DETERMINED to develop a process for review of the NAAEC that provides an opportunity for public participation;

AFFIRMING that the Council began its review of the NAAEC in early 1997; and

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that the NAAEC has not yet been implemented in its entirety because of priorities set by the Parties or because circumstances have not given rise to use of particular portions of the NAAEC;


1.         The Council or Alternate Representatives will meet at least once in 1997 specifically to review the operation and effectiveness of  the NAAEC in light of experience;

2.         Each Party will request comments on the operation and effectiveness of the NAAEC from their National and Government Advisory Committees during the review period;

3.         Each Party will choose a senior environmental expert to serve on a Review Committee, which will provide an independent Report to Council on the Operation and Effectiveness of the NAAEC by November 15, 1997; and

4.         The Council will consider the Review Committee’s Report, as well as other comments submitted pursuant to this resolution and will prepare a final report by December 31, 1997. This final report will be made available to the public and will include the Review Committee’s Report to Council.  A summary of the Council’s final report will be included in the CEC 1997 Annual Report;


1.         Designees of each member of the Council, using the services of the Secretariat at their request, to provide support to the Review Committee pursuant to Article 11:5 of the NAAEC, and to serve as the point of contact for all comments received pursuant to this resolution from senior environmental experts, the general public, JPAC, each Party and from other sources, and to organize those comments for the Review Committee by September 15, 1997; and

2.         The JPAC, in accordance with Article 16:4 of the NAAEC, to provide advice regarding the implementation and further elaboration of the NAAEC in light of experience and provide comments to the Council and the Review Committee in writing before September 1, 1997.



(S) Fred Hansen


Fred Hansen

Government of the United States


(S) José Luis Samaniego


José Luis Samaniego

Government of the United Mexican States


(S) John A. Fraser


John A. Fraser

Government of Canada

North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) Review Pursuant to Article 10:1(b)