Joint Public Advisory Committee

Joint Public Advisory Committee

JPAC hosts interactive public forums throughout North America where participants are asked to contribute their thoughts, views and expertise on our environmental priorities

The Joint Public Advisory Committee is composed of fifteen citizens, five from each of the three countries. Together, they advise the Council on a wide array of environmental issues within the scope of the Agreement on Environmental Cooperation.

To inform its recommendations, JPAC engages the public in open forums that bring together experts on North America’s most pressing environmental issues. JPAC subsequently submits its recommendations to Council in the form of an Advice.

CEC Council Session and JPAC Forum

When:  June 26, 2020

Where: Online

Join us for live dialogues with North America’s three environment ministers and leading environmental experts to discuss the future of regional environmental collaboration and the important role of clean technology in making our communities more resilient. Given the exceptional circumstances presented by COVID-19, this year’s sessions will take place as livestreamed virtual events that are open to the public. This new and innovative format will engage audiences across North America in live discussions and...

Latest Advice to Council

After every JPAC public forum or consultation, the JPAC submits an official Advice to Council detailing its recommendations on salient environmental issues.

Advice to Council 20-01

Public Consultation on the draft CEC Strategic Plan 2021-2025

May 18, 2020

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Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin

Louie Porta

Elizabeth Whitsitt


Gustavo Alanís Ortega

Adriana Nelly Correa Sandoval

Bárbara Hernández Ramírez

Paola Hernández Villalvazo

Adrián Lozano Garza

United States

Jerilyn López Mendoza

Felicia Marcus

Octaviana V. Trujillo

Robert W. Varney
JPAC Chair for 2020

Rules of Procedure

Public Engagement and Transparency

Public Consultation Guidelines

Through consultations, the JPAC creates a bridge of communication between the public and the Council, which improves the efficiency and transparency in large-scale processes such as projects, laws, and policies

Public Consultations

Through meetings and open forums, the JPAC regularly invites the public to provide advice, insight and feedback on shared environmental priorities

Framework for Public Participation

How we implement appropriate mechanisms for consulting with the North American public