The Council is the Commission's governing body and meets with the public once a year to discuss pressing environmental matters facing the North American region

Council Members

The Council is composed of the highest-level environmental authorities (cabinet-level or equivalent) from Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson


The Honourable
Jonathan Wilkinson

Alternate Representative
Catherine Stewart
(819) 938-3784

General Standing Committee
Agustí Bordas-i-Cuscó
(819) 938-3739


María Luisa Albores González

Alternate Representative
Iván Rico
(52 55) 5628-3906

General Standing Committee
Cintia Amezcua
(52 55) 5628-3910

United States

Michael Regan

Alternate Representative
Jane Nishida (acting)
(202) 564-1531

General Standing Committee
Nadtya Hong
(202) 564-1391

Alternate Representatives

Each Council member designates an Alternate Representative, who has full authority to act in all matters within the competence of the Council to ensure implementation of the Agreement.

General Standing Committee

The General Standing Committee (GSC) is composed of one representative from each country who acts as the first point of contact between the CEC Secretariat and the governments, and ensures timely follow up on Secretariat requirements for information and/or action.

CEC Council

Working Groups

Under Article 3 (6)(a) of the Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, the Commission’s Council “may establish, and assign responsibilities to, ad hoc or standing committees, working groups or expert groups.”

Terms of Operation (PDF)

Important Documents

Council Statements
Council Statements

These are communiqués issued at the end of each regular session of the Council. Each document highlights the outcome of the session, including decisions and announcements made by the Council

Resolutions and Decisions
Resolutions and Decisions

A Council Resolution represents and defines an agreement signed by the Council on the terms and procedures to deal with an issue of significance to the three Parties

Summary Records
Summary Records

These are summaries of the public sessions involving the Council and members of the public during the annual Council meeting

Rules of Procedure
Rules of Procedure

These rules apply to the Council of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation