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The Secretariat is based in Montreal, Canada and provides technical, administrative and operational support to the Council

Role of the Secretariat

The Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director and its activities are carried out by professional staff from Canada, Mexico and the United States. Each year, the Secretariat submits the Commission’s program and budget to the Council for approval. The Secretariat also has special responsibilities to consider submissions from any non-governmental organization or citizen that a party is failing to effectively enforce its environmental law.

Executive Director

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan was appointed Executive Director of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation on July 16, 2019, after serving a four-year term as Commissioner of the Canada-U.S. International Joint Commission from 2014 to 2018. He brings over 30 years of combined experience in government, business and management consulting in several sectors, ranging from natural resources to health sciences.

Richard has a keen understanding of both corporate and governmental organizations and considerable experience in dealing with stakeholders in the environmental and sustainable development area and in formulating and executing solutions for complex issues in the public and private sectors.

In his private sector experience in Montreal, Richard managed operations, communications, and strategic planning in complex environments and highly challenging situations. Further, he has acted as senior advisor to business and political leaders in corporate communications, campaign management, media strategy, reputation management, government relations and business development.

His political involvement included managing the Hon. Peter MacKay’s successful national campaign for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in 2003 and playing a leading role in the negotiations to create the new Conservative Party of Canada.

Richard started his career as Executive Assistant to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and later served as his Special Advisor, Director of planning and operations, over a seven-year period in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada, in Ottawa from 1986 to 1993.

Originally from Montreal, Richard is fluent in French and English and holds a business administration degree with honours from the University of Ottawa and a degree in health sciences from Collège Brébeuf in Montreal.

Executive Director Reports


Nathalie Daoust
Director of Government Relations, Strategy and Performance

Riccardo Embriaco
Director of Administration

Marcela Orozco
Senior Liaison Officer, Advisory Bodies and Public Engagement

Paolo Solano Tovar
Director of Legal Affairs and Submissions on Enforcement Matters (SEM)

Megan Ainscow
Head of Unit for Communications

Orlando Cabrera-Rivera
Head of Unit for Environmental Quality

Lucie Robidoux
Head of Unit for Ecosystems

Armando Yáñez Sandoval
Head of Unit for Green Growth

Georgina O’Farrill
Officer Outreach and Partnerships

Caitlin McCoy
Legal Officer, Legal Affairs and SEM

Cezar Anghel
Information Technology Manager

Nayheli Alliu
Project Lead

Catherine Hallmich
Project Lead

Julie Roy
Project Lead

Danielle Vallée
Project Lead

Zakir Jafry
Tools and GIS Coordinator

Dominique Croteau
JPAC and TEK Coordinator

Malika Elhadj
Assistant to the Executive Director

Simonetta Ferrante

Erika Hercules

Doris Millan

Olga Sotelo

Sarah Julien
Communications Coordinator

Dora Alvarez
Social Media Coordinator, Communications

Bhan Gatkuoth
Special Assistant - Digital Media and Outreach

Marilou Nichols
Publications Administrative Coordinator

Liliana Paz Miller
Meeting Services Coordinator

Frantz Bernard
Administrative Coordinator, Human Resources and Payroll

Carmen Cimpian
File Management Clerk

Linda Lee
Accounting Clerk

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