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International collaboration between Canada, Mexico and the United States on environmental issues of common interest

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JPAC Public Forum on the Role of Ports in Fighting Climate Change: “Moving the needle toward industry decarbonization”

December 1, 2022

As points of intersection between land and sea, ports are vital, strategic infrastructures playing a key role in supporting local and global economies and handling around 80% of global trade. From vessels to trains, trucks, cranes, fuel supply systems, and renewable energy, ports are ecosystems in themselves in which a multitude of actors are involved.

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We conduct research, provide tools and training, and provide a unique space for decision-makers and the public to engage on environmental policy issues affecting the North American region.

What We Do



'The idea is that environmental health for all is embedded in all our work - including #EnvironmentalJustice. Integrating EJ into our work means looking at how various laws often have negative environmental conditions on marginalized communities.' @Sabaaahmadkhan @DavidSuzukiFDN

‘As we alter our climate, we create environments that are no longer tolerable for many communities. At #COP27 there was the realization that we are way off track for meeting 1.5C and risk irreversible tipping points in the coming years. We need to act faster.’ @JDTaillant

So how do we change? How do we find a different pathway? Decarbonization alone is not enough. We need to address super pollutants like #methane (86x more powerful than carbon dioxide), black carbon emissions and addressing human health simultaneously. @JDTaillant @CECweb


Documents related to governance including Council Resolutions, JPAC Advice to Council, Operational Plans & more

Council Resolution 22-01

September 7, 2022

Funding of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation for the financial year 2022

Council Resolution 22-06

September 6, 2022

Grant Program on Environmental Justice and Climate Change Resilience in North America (EJ4Climate)

CEC’s Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Renewing our trilateral commitment and implementing the new Free Trade Agreement and its supporting Environmental Cooperation Agreement

Operational Plan 2022

This Operational Plan 2022 (OP) presents the work that the CEC will implement this year, which by and large continues work initiated in 2021.