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Reducing Emissions from Goods Movement via Maritime Transportation in North America

Assessment of 2030 Mexico and Global Fuels Supply and Cost Impacts Background Document

June 1, 2018 31 pages Green Growth Pollutants

This document presents the key premises and results of the fuel supply and cost analysis, in support of Mexico’s submission of an Emission Control Area (ECA) designation proposal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), under Annex VI of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (Marpol Convention).

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Pollinator Conservation Report

State of Knowledge on North American Pollinator Conservation

Shared Priorities for the Region

Project publication
May 27, 2024


Loggerhead turtle - publication cover

Loggerhead Turtle

Factual Record Regarding Submission SEM-20-001

Factual Record
April 22, 2024


SEM long-term impact assessment

Submissions on Enforcement Matters: What Have We Learned?

A Retrospective Review of Performance

January 9, 2024


Youth innovation Challenge Cover

Youth Innovation Challenge 2017-2022

Long-term Impact Assessment

August 18, 2023

Publication Cover Quad Cities Litter Snapshot

Quad Cities Litter Snapshot

Fact Sheet
July 17, 2023


Metrobus Reforma Factual Record Cover

Metrobús Reforma

Factual Record Regarding Submission SEM-18-002

Factual Record
July 5, 2023


City Park Project Factual Record Cover

City Park Project

Factual Record Regarding Submission SEM-19-002

Factual Record
July 4, 2023


Publication cover

The SEM Process in North America and Relevant Agreements

Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

June 19, 2023


Taking Stock

Taking Stock 16

With a feature analysis of off-site transfers to disposal

Project publication
March 27, 2023


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