Speaker presenting findings before the Joint Public Advisory Committee

Joint Public Advisory Committee

JPAC hosts interactive public forums throughout North America where participants are asked to contribute their thoughts, views and expertise on our environmental priorities

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NAPECA - Community Building Sun Ovens

North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action

NAPECA is a community grant program that engages with local and indigenous communities

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Public Consultations - Woman talking on the microphone

Public Consultations

The public is occasionally invited to respond to requests for comments on the CEC program as a whole or other matters related to the implementation of the ECA

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Filing a Submission - Registry of submissions - SEM Compliance Tracker

Submissions on Enforcement Matters

If you believe that an environmental law is not being effectively enforced by Canada, Mexico or the United States, you can file a submission on enforcement matters

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Youth Innovation Challenge Winners 2019

Youth Initiatives

Our youth initiatives encourage the next generation of leaders to apply their knowledge and creativity to solve environmental challenges

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