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CEC Public Consultations

Public Consultations

The public is occasionally invited to respond to requests for comments on the CEC program as a whole or other matters related to the implementation of the ECA

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Youth Initiatives

Whether through competitions, public engagement, grant programs, internships, or by providing expert advice, we invite interested individuals and organizations focused on youth empowerment to engage with our work.

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Partnerships & Collaboration

We collaborate with individuals, communities, businesses and organizations to strengthen our efforts

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#CEC31: 31st Annual Council Session and JPAC Public Forum

When:  From 24 to 26 June 2024

Where: Wilmington, North Carolina
United States

Mark your calendar for the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s (CEC) 31st annual Council Session and Joint Public Advisory Committee (JPAC) Public Forum, to be held 24–26 June 2024 in Wilmington, North Carolina under the theme “Strengthening Environmental Justice through Community Empowerment.”