Traditional Ecological Knowledge Expert Group

Integrating Traditional Ecological Knowledge into our work to better protect and conserve our shared environment

Our Work with the TEK Expert Group

Working with experts in traditional environmental practices from across North America has had an invaluable impact on our work. When considered alongside science, traditional knowledge contributes to an improved understanding of ecological processes and ultimately to better results for the environment.

This initiative recognizes the importance of preserving the traditional knowledge and practices of local and indigenous communities in order to help address the effects of climate change. This knowledge also contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and to the protection of biological diversity.

The TEK Expert Group is the first traditional ecological knowledge panel to contribute to an intergovernmental organization like ours. The appointments stem from a commitment made by the Council at the 2014 Council Session in Yellowknife. It aims to work effectively with local and indigenous communities across North America to enhance our shared understanding of the environment and to help us make more effective environmental decisions.

We also have a body of work surrounding traditional ecological knowledge. Click here to find out more.

Latest Advice

Advice from the TEKEG to the CEC's governing Council

TEK Advice to Council 19-01

JPAC Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico

January 16, 2020

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Kathy Hodgson-Smith

Donna Hurlburt

Michael Vegh


Cessia Esther Chuc Uc

María del Pilar García Hernández

Amelia Reyna Monteros Guijón

United States

Sarah James

Dr. Henrietta Mann

Gail Small

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