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Partnerships & Collaborations

How to Engage with Us

We collaborate with individuals, communities, businesses and organizations to strengthen our efforts. This ensures our capacity to modernize, facilitate, and enhance trinational environmental priorities. From leveraging resources, to engaging in joint efforts, we recognize the value of working toward shared visions and common goals with organizations and communities from all sectors of society.

Collaborate with Us

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our core values and strategic priorities. We strongly believe working together ensures impactful results whether it be through an awareness raising campaign, a co-hosted event or any other collaborative effort.

Here are a few examples of some recent collaborative work:

Webinar Stop food loss and waste. For the people. For the planet - 2020

In this webinar, experts from the CEC and the UN FAO North America Office celebrated the first-ever observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. In addition, our teams collaborated on a twitter chat, which encouraged public participation in reflection on the problem of food waste and methods for reducing it.

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Green Entrepreneurship Online Workshop Series - 2020

This six-workshop series organized by the CEC’s EcoInnovation Network and the University of Waterloo’s Entrepreneurship @ Environment (E@E) office was put together to support new entrepreneurs. Each workshop brought together a multidisciplinary set of speakers from the public and private sector to talk about the role entrepreneurs play in addressing climate change and enabling sustainability through innovation.

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Webinar How to file a submission with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation - 2021

In this webinar, legal experts from the CEC in collaboration with the Sustainability Network, came together to discuss the CEC’s Submission on Enforcement Matters (SEM) process. By working together, these two groups were able to enable increased legal literacy among North American NGOs, communities, students, and concerned individuals.

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Partner with Us

By working together with our partners we leverage long term efforts, share successes, and help each other reach new audiences. We welcome the development of multi-sectoral and multilateral partnerships in alignment with our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. We do this through the creation of networks, shared technologies, tools and resources, as well as by facilitating regional capacity building.

Here are a few examples of some of our recent partnerships:

Monarch Monitoring Blitz

Since 2017, the Monarch Monitoring Blitz has invited volunteers and community scientist to participate in monarch conservation efforts. Led by the Trinational Monarch Conservation Science Partnership, this effort builds on over 24 years of regional monarch conservation work.

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Costing Floods and Other Extreme Events

Working alongside government agencies, academic institutions, Indigenous researchers and many others, the CEC developed a standardized methodology to assess the cost of extreme floods and other extreme events. Through this multi-sectoral partnership, decision-makers and communities were provided with additional knowledge and tools to enhance climate resiliency.

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The North American Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) Network

With the support of the CEC, the NAMPAN network has connected Marine Protected Areas (MPA) professionals across North America in a shared effort to improve marine conservation. Since 1999, the network has leveraged efforts, shared skills, and information in the service of communities and ecosystems.

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Contact Us

If you are an individual or an organization interested in learning more about how you can collaborate or partner with the CEC, feel free to reach out to us.

Georgina O’Farrill
Officer Outreach and Partnerships
(514) 350-4336