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SEM Submission - SEM-20-001

CEC receives its 100th submission on enforcement matters regarding a port expansion project in Canada

February 16, 2021

Montreal, *|DATE:j F Y|*—On 8 February 2021, a new submission was filed under Chapter 24 of the new United States-...


Economist Dr. Pedro Moctezuma Barragán to lead the CEC’s Joint Public Advisory Committee

January 21, 2021

Montreal, 20 January 2021—We are pleased to announce that leading Mexican academic Dr. Pedro Moctezuma Barragán will...


Loggerhead sea turtle

CEC receives first submission under Chapter 24 of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

January 7, 2021

Montreal, 7 January 2021—On 17 December 2020, the Mexican Center for Environmental Law and the Center for Biological...


Alberta Tailings Ponds

CEC Secretariat releases report on Alberta (Canada) Oil Sands Tailings Ponds

September 4, 2020

Alberta Tailings Ponds II Montreal, 4 September 2020—Today, the Secretariat of the Commission for...


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