Advice to Council 95-07 — Silva Reservoir Report

At its meeting of December 7 & 8, the JPAC reviewed the Report on the Migratory Bird Mortality of 1994/95 at the Silva Reservoir.

The Committee complimented the Panel on the thoroughness of their work and endorsed the recommendations of the Panel and of the Secretariat.

The Committee draws the particular attention of Council to the following Secretariat recommendations:

8. support of the Mexican government in pursuing international funds to establish necessary programs;

9. a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental compliance situation in the Turbio River Basin area and the implementation of a pollution prevention program;

5. assign high priority to the Turbio Basin Initiative and that the Initiative be continued through to its completion.

The JPAC commends the comprehensive approach taken by the Panel and by the Secretariat. This issue draws attention to the pervasiveness of sewage pollution, the need to apply basin-wide approaches to solutions and the continental dimensions of migratory bird mortality.

The Committee emphasizes the importance of disseminating the Report and in making it easily accessible to local populations.

The Committee recommends that progress in implementing the recommendations be reviewed in two years.


Note: Mr. Peter Berle withdrew from discussion on this subject due to his earlier association with the National Audubon Society.