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Écologisation du transport de marchandises en Amérique du Nord

Hilton Long Beach 701 West Ocean Boulevard Long Beach (Californie), 90831-3102 Tél.: +1 562 983 3400

12 décembre 2016


Soyez des nôtres le 12 décembre à Long Beach, en Californie, pour une réunion publique sur l’écologisation du transport de marchandises en Amérique du Nord présidée par le Comité consultatif public mixte (CCPM) de la Commission de coopération environnementale (CCE).

Lors de cette réunion, on s’appuiera sur la Déclaration des leaders sur le partenariat nord-américain en matière de climat, d’énergie propre et d’environnement pour examiner des façons de faciliter le commerce et la croissance économique sur le continent tout en réduisant à long terme les émissions de GES attribuables au transport des marchandises.

La participation est gratuite et ouverte au public. Un service d’interprétation simultanée en français, en anglais et en espagnol sera offert.

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Greening Freight Operations Across North America

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Première table ronde
Écologisation du transport de marchandises en Amérique du Nord : Réduire les émissions et faire connaître les pratiques exemplaires

Deuxième table ronde
Les ports de l’Amérique du Nord : Écologiser les opérations pour respecter les engagements en matière de climat

Troisième table ronde
Réduction des émissions attribuables au transport maritime de marchandises en Amérique du Nord

Ordre du jour

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Registration of participants

International III

Opening and introductory remarks

Lindsay Brumwell
JPAC Chair

Michael Christensen
Senior Executive Lead, Supply Chain Optimization
Port of Long Beach


Keynote presentation: Goods movement in North America

Gene Seroka
Executive Director, Port of Los Angeles
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The CEC’s Contribution to Reducing GHG Emissions from Transportation

César Rafael Chávez
Executive Director, CEC
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Panel 1 – Greening North America’s freight: Reducing emissions and sharing best practices

As a key component of North America’s trade, freight transportation is important to support, while sustaining communities’ livelihood and health in a responsible way. With the movement of goods worldwide growing, emissions associated with freight transportation are a serious concern. This session will look at current initiatives for reducing the emissions from freight transportation in North America. Best practices and success stories will be discussed from both a private sector and governmental perspective.

Jerilyn López Mendoza
JPAC member

Mike Britt
Director of Maintenance & Engineering International Operations, Ground Fleet, UPS
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Heather Arias
Freight Transport Branch Chief, California Air Resources Board
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Roberto Aguerrebere Salido
Acting Coordinator and General Director, Instituto Mexicano del Transporte
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Facilitated Discussion with panelists and members of the audience (in-person + online)



International III

Panel 2 North America’s ports: Greening operations to achieve climate commitments

As they act as the link between freight transportation on the continent and shipments moving to and from the rest of the world, North America’s ports are strategically positioned to lead environmental initiatives that support our countries’ climate commitments. Emissions reduction can be achieved through a highly integrated freight transportation system. This session will take a look at the outstanding work by port authorities and others to share best practices between the three countries.

Gustavo Alanís-Ortega
JPAC member

Richard Cameron
Managing Director of Planning and Environmental Affairs
Port of Long Beach
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Lisa Wunder
Marine Environmental Manager
Port of Los Angeles
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Jason Scherr
Manager, Environmental Sustainability
Port of Prince Rupert
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Facilitated discussion with panelists and members of the audience (in-person + online)

The Loft

Luncheon presentation

Alexis Strauss
Acting Regional Administrator, EPA Region 9
US Environmental Protection Agency

International III

Panel 3 Reducing emissions from goods movement via maritime transportation in North America

Maritime traffic is expected to grow significantly in the coming decades with the increase in the global trade of goods. Without policies to address air emissions from ships, there is the potential for this to become an important source of pollution in coastal communities relative to landside sources, affecting domestic air quality and public health. This session will look at existing and planned initiatives to address shipping emissions in the three countries.

Orlando Cabrera
Program Manager, Environmental Quality and Climate Change, CEC
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Salomón Díaz
Director of Ecological Planning
Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Semarnat)
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Matt Haber
Senior Staff Engineer
Eastern Research Group (ERG)
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Angela Bandemehr
International Program Manager, Office of International and Tribal Affairs
US Environmental Protection Agency
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Lee Kindberg
Director Environment & Sustainability
Maersk Line / Maersk Agency USA
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Greg Wirtz
Cruise Lines International Association North West & Canada
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Facilitated discussion with panelists and members of the audience (in-person + online)



International III

Public discussion: Comments, suggestions, recommendations for JPAC Advice to Council


Closing remarks, by Lindsay Brumwell, JPAC Chair