Joint Public Advisory Committee Regular Session 14-03: “North America’s Coasts in a Changing Climate”

In July 2014, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Council—North America’s highest-level environmental authorities—announced that the CEC would focus on three priority areas for its 2015–2020 Strategic Plan: 1) Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; 2) Green Growth; and 3) Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems. These priorities include trilateral engagement on coastal and marine issues. Climate change is affecting North America’s coasts. These effects are being felt in communities, the economy, and the environment. Conserving and restoring coastal ecosystems provide one of the few natural mechanisms for counteracting ocean acidification and other climate change impacts, as well as providing other key benefits such as carbon storage, food security, and protection from storm surges and flooding.

This Joint Public Advisory Committee meeting brings together scientists, regional leaders, policy experts, nongovernmental organizations and the public to discuss issues, challenges, and opportunities for developing strategies to address the effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems, trinational opportunities to enhance and restore those ecosystems, and ways for coastal communities to thrive as they face the current and future effects of extreme weather events, coastal erosion and rapid development. Meeting attendees will take an active role in identifying opportunities for collaboration and initiatives on coastal ecosystems that the three countries could develop or add value to under the CEC’s 2015–2020 Strategic Plan.

For more information about the CEC’s Joint Public Advisory Committee, visit www.cec.org/JPAC

Simultaneous translation to English, French and Spanish will be available at the meeting and via webcast.


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6 and 7 November, 2014




Marcela Orozco
Senior Liaison Officer, Advisory Bodies and Public Engagement
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