Submissions on Enforcement Matters

Filing a Submission

Considering filing a Submission?

Answer these 3 questions when considering whether to file a submission:

  1. Can you identify an environmental law which you believe is not being effectively enforced regarding a specific environmental issue?
  2. Have you contacted the appropriate country representative?
  3. Do you have documents or other information supporting your assertion?

Please note that as of July 1, 2020, the SEM Process is now governed by Articles 24.27 and 24.28 from the Environment Chapter of CUSMA/TMEC/USMCA. There are some changes to the process, particularly with respect to which environmental laws can be asserted in a submission.

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Who can file a Submission?

Any non-governmental organization or person established or residing in Canada, Mexico or the United States may file a submission on enforcement matters.

How to file a Submission?

For a step-by-step guide on filing a submission, please use this simple fillable form. Or you can send your submission to

SEM Process Steps

Registry of all Submissions Browse Factual Records


SEM-Related Provisions

Excerpts from Chapter 1 and 24 of the CUSMA/TMEC/USMCA and complete Environmental Cooperation Agreement

Submissions Status Report

To know the status of all active and closed Submissions

Guidelines for Submissions on Enforcement Matters

This booklet contains the Guidelines for Submissions on Enforcement Matters created to implement the process under North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation.

Contact SEM

If you have questions about the submission process, contact the SEM unit:

Paolo Solano Tovar
Director of Legal Affairs and Submissions on Enforcement Matters (SEM)
(514) 350-4321