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North American Environmental Atlas

The North American Environmental Atlas combines and harmonizes geospatial data from Canada, Mexico and the United States to allow for a continental and regional perspective on environmental issues that cross boundaries.

The Atlas continues to grow in breadth and depth as more thematic maps are created through our work and our partnerships. Scientists and map makers from Natural Resources Canada, United States Geological Survey, and Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía and other agencies in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, produced the information contained in the Atlas.

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Map Viewer

The North American Environmental Atlas map viewer provides access to several data layers, including terrestrial and marine ecosystems as well as human influence.

North American Land Change Monitoring System

North American Land Change Monitoring System

A collaborative initiative between Canada, Mexico, and the United States to monitor land cover - the observed physical cover on the surface of the Earth - and its change over time.

North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action

NAPECA seeks to improve environmental conditions at the community, indigenous, local and regional levels

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2006 Pollutant Releases and Transfers (PRTR) Reporting Facilities

This map shows the locations of about 35,000 industrial facilities in North America that reported on releases or transfers of pollutants in 2006. Data for this map was assembled from each of the North American country's Pollutant Release and...

Airports, 2011

This North American Environmental Atlas base layer shows airports (excluding heliports and seaplane bases) of North America at 1:10,000,000 scale. Data used for this map were created by Natural Resources Canada (NR-Can), US Geological...

Anthropogenic Biomes

This map shows North America classified into “anthropogenic biomes,” also known as “anthromes” or “human biomes.” Biomes are major global ecosystem types, characterized by particular climate and soil conditions and distinctive forms of...

Baja to Bering Region

The Baja California to Bering Sea Region (B2B) is one of fourteen Ecologically Significant Regions, identified by a group of leading ecologists convened by the CEC in 2000.The Baja California to Bering Sea Region (B2B) connects the marine realms of...

Bathymetry, 2006

This North American Atlas base layer shows the depth in meters for ocean areas covered by the extent of the North American Atlas. Isobaths (lines of equal depth) are provided for sea level (coastline, with depth = 1), 200, 500, and 2500 meters....


Mapping our Shared Environment - Ebook

This portfolio features a selection of maps that illustrate the unique and harmonized geographic information contained in the North American Environmental Atlas.

Ecological Regions of North America

Ecological regions are areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources.

Marine Ecoregions of North America

A book that celebrates the richness and wealth of our region's common ocean and coastal waters.