It might not always seem like it, but #maps play a big role in the lives we lead today. From tracking Uber orders in Montreal to understanding the effect of coastal farming activity in Sinaloa, Mexico– maps help us navigate and understand the world around us.⠀

Follow along with us every #MapMonday to learn more about the stories and information maps tell us!

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Protected Areas

December, 2022
Protected Areas

It’s #MapMonday! Did you know that Protected Areas are a key focus of the Convention on Biological Diversity UN Biodiversity and a priority agenda item for the upcoming #COP15 Conference of the Parties?

MapMonday November - Population Density 2020

Population density

November, 2022

It’s #MapMonday! This month we’re highlighting #PopulationDensity. How many people per square kilometer are living near you? Where are most people living in North America and how does that compare across different regions?

#MapMonday Monarch Blitz Map

International Monarch Monitoring Blitz 2022

October, 2022

It’s #MapMonday! For today’s MapMonday we’re celebrating the more than 2,600 community scientists who answered the call for supporting #MonarchButterfly conservation via the 2022 #MonarchBlitz.

Map for Monitoring Health Impacts from Extreme Heat Events

Monitoring Health Impacts from Extreme Heat Events

September, 2022

It’s #MapMonday! Every summer North Americans are increasingly facing extreme heat #DidYouKnow that the British Columbia Heat Impacts Prediction System (BCHIPS) was created as part of a Commission for Environmental Cooperation project on climate adaptation and extreme heat health impacts?

Cover of the Atlas Tool


August, 2022

It’s #MapMonday! #DYK that Commission for Environmental Cooperation created the North American Environmental Atlas (#NAAtlas), a collection of publicly accessible harmonized geospatial data layers at the continental level that is used for research, environmental management, and decision-making?

Map identifying climate change–related impacts

LEO Network

July, 2022
Climate, Community

It’s #MapMonday! #DidYouKnow that the Commission for Environmental Cooperation supported the expansion of the Local Environmental Observer (LEO) Network across North America?

Map showing drought regions in North America

North American Drought Monitor

June, 2022

This #MapMonday we’re highlighting next week’s #DesertificationAndDroughtDay and this year’s theme “Rising up from drought together.”

Screenshot or AirNow map

Air Quality Awareness Week

May, 2022
Air Quality

Today is #MapMonday and the start of Air Quality Awareness Week #AQAW2022 (2-6 May)

CEC Atlas Map

North American Forests

April, 2022

Wildlife and humans are deeply connected with forests and their conservation requires a good understanding of climate and ecosystem differences.

CEC Atlas Map

Groundwater – making the invisible, visible

March, 2022
Climate, Land Cover

Today is #MapMonday! This month’s map highlights the #WorldWaterDay 2022 theme: “Groundwater – making the invisible, visible”

MapMonday Atlas map

Land cover Change Intensity 2010-2015

February, 2022
Land Cover

#DidYouKnow you can use data from the #NorthAmerican Land Change Monitoring System (NALCMS) for many different applications?

CEC Atlas Map #MapMonday

North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Register

December, 2021
Air Quality

#DidYouKnow that every year, industrial facilities in North America must report the quantity of pollutants they release to the air?

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