Sixteenth Regular Session of the CEC Council and Meeting of the Joint Public Advisory Committee (09-01)

Monday, 22 June 2009 – JPAC Workshop on Climate Policy Coherence in North America


  • Zaelke, Durwood. Director, Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.
  • Ezcurra, Exequiel. Director, University of California, Institute for Mexico and the United States.
  • Quadri, Gabriel. Country Director for Mexico and Central America, EcoSecurities.
  • Thomas Peterson. President and CEO, The Center for Climate Strategies.
  • McLaughlin, David. President and CEO, National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE).
  • Martínez, Julia. Head of the Climate Change Program, Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE).
  • VanDeveer, Stacy. Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of New Hampshire.
  • Schott, Jeff. Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics.
  • Moore, Michal. Senior Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy, University of Calgary, Alberta.
  • Lacy, Rodolfo. Coordinator for Programs and Projects, Centro Mario Molina.
  • Kelly, Alexia. Senior Associate, World Resources Institute (WRI).

Tuesday, 23 June 2009JPAC Regular Session 09-01 (with the public as observers)


  • Fernández Zayas, José Luis. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Ingeniería. Incentives to improve the reduction of GHG in buildings in Mexico.
  • JPAC.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009JPAC Regular Session 09-01 and Sixteenth Council Session


  • Vázquez, Adrián. CEC Executive Director. The CEC’s 2005-1010 Strategic Plan.
  • North American Air Working Group. Report.
  • Sound Management of Chemicals Working Group. Report.
  • Biodiversity Conservation Working Group. Report.
  • North American Working Group on Environmental Enforcement and Compliance Cooperation. Report.
  • Trade and Environment Working Group. Report.
  • Jiménez Nava, Francisco Javier. Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía.
  • Cabrera, Orlando. CEC Program Manager.


Denver, Colorado, United States
United States


23 and 24 June, 2009




Nathalie Daoust
Senior Liaison Officer, Council Organizational Performance Manager
(514) 350-4310