JPAC Regular Session 14-01: Building Healthy and Sustainable Homes in Remote Communities: A Focus on Indigenous Communities in North America

Barriers to building healthy, sustainable homes remains a major concern for a number of remote communities in North America, as well as many indigenous communities. To discuss the opportunities and challenges faced by Canada, Mexico and the United States, the CEC invites you to join a public forum featuring researchers, community leaders, government officials, and all others impacted by this issue. 

With the overall goal of providing recommendations on this important environmental justice issue to the CEC Council – North America’s highest-level environmental authorities – the JPAC, invited experts, and stakeholders will explore the following issues: 

Indoor Air Quality


Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico. The forum will be webcast live.


12 and 13 May, 2014




Marcela Orozco
Senior Liaison Officer, Advisory Bodies and Public Engagement
(514) 350-4305