Vigésima sesión ordinaria del Consejo de la CCA y reuniones del Comité Consultivo Público Conjunto

Los Cabos, BC, México. The Westin, Los Cabos Carretera Transpeninsular KM 22.5 Los Cabos, Baja California Sur Tel: (52)(624) 142 9000

10 y 11 de julio de 2013


El 11 de julio, funcionarios federales de medio ambiente de alto rango de Canadá, Estados Unidos y México se reunieron e interactuaron con la ciudadanía en una discusión abierta en torno a la relación entre transporte y medio ambiente. Los  funcionarios dieron a conocer los planes para el trabajo de la Comisión para la Cooperación Ambiental (CCA) en los próximos dos años, lo que incluye la puesta en marcha de iniciativas trinacionales orientadas a lograr un transporte más respetuoso del medio ambiente en la región, abordar el cambio climático, mejorar la calidad del aire y encarar la problemática de los desechos en el comercio en América del Norte.

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Día uno
Mesas redondas de discusión del CCPC sobre transporte sustentable en América del Norte

Día dos
Alianza de América del Norte para la Acción Comunitaria Ambiental (NAPECA): alianzas comunitarias exitosas

Orden del día

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hotel Main Lobby

Registration of Participants


Opening and Introductory Remarks

David Angus
JPAC Chair


Mapping Transportation in North America

Benjamin Teitelbaum
Program Manager, Greening the Economy in North America
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Greening Logistics and Supply Chains in North America—A way to reduce GHGs generated by the movement of goods and people

Felicia Marcus
JPAC Member

Bernard Gendron
Director, Interuniversity Research Center on Enterprise Networks
Logistics and Transportation (CIRRELT)
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Juan Carlos Camargo
Environment Manager, Wal-Mart México
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Michael Kelley
Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President, External Affairs
YRC Worldwide
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Clean, Green and Moving: Borders, Corridors and Gateways—A focus on transborder shipment of goods (freight) by both land and sea (borders, inland and seaports)

Gustavo Alanís
JPAC Member

Diane Gray
President and CEO
CentrePort Canada, Inc.
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Glen P. Kedzie
Vice President, Energy and Environmental Council
American Trucking Associations
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Roberto Aguerrebere Salido
Assistant General Director, Mexican Institute of Transportation
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Arrecifes Restaurant

Lunch [provided]


Urban Transportation Challenges—Focus on the impact of the “last mile” (final delivery of freight), on the movement of people (private and public transportation), alternative fuels and air quality challenges and impacts.

Jacques Gauthier
JPAC Member

Sergio Sánchez
Executive Director
Clean Air Institute
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Katherine Blumberg
Program Director
International Council on Clean Transportation
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Abel López Dodero
Coordinator for the Administration of Integrated Systems of Transportation
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Innovation and Technology—Focus on intelligent transportation system (ITS) innovations being developed and implemented; solutions such as Connected Vehicle technology, adaptive traffic signals, advanced traffic and incident management systems, electronic tolling, etc.; and how these can contribute to reduction of GHG associated with transportation challenges/environment.

Gabriel Calvillo
JPAC Member

Juan Carlos Villa
Manager, Mexico City Office of Texas Transportation Institute
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Lynn Lyon
Director of Fuel Market Development Domestic Operations
Pioneer Natural Resources
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Dale George
Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Buoyant Aircraft Systems International
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Eduardo J. Solís
President, Mexican Association for the Automotive Industry
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Final Presentation of all the items/recommendations to be included in the Moving Forward Summary


JPAC Report on the 20th Anniversary of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC)


Report from the National and Governmental Advisory Committee Representatives


Closing Remarks by the JPAC Chair, David Angus

Baja Ballroom

Networking Session for the Public

Based on the discussions held throughout the day, participants are invited to meet and exchange views on North American transportation issues, to be raised with the Ministers during the Council Public Meeting on 11 July. Participants will be asked to identify four key issues for our region and appoint an equal number of representatives, who will present on behalf of the group. JPAC members will attend as observers.

Terraza Bugambilias

Welcoming Reception and Official Opening of the 20th Regular Session of the CEC Council

  • Welcoming remarks by Marcos Covarrubias Villaseñor, Gobernador del Estado de Baja California Sur
  • Remarks by Irasema Coronado, CEC Executive Director
  • Remarks by David Angus, Chair of the CEC Joint Public Advisory Committee
  • Remarks by Bob Perciasepe, Acting Administrator, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Remarks by Dan McDougall, Assistant Deputy Minister for InternationalAffairs and Chief Negotiator and Ambassador for Climate Change, Environment Canada
  • Welcoming remarks and Official opening of the 20th Regular Session of the Council by Juan José Guerra, Mexican Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hotel Main Lobby

Registration of Participants


Connecting North America’s communities through NAPECA

Irasema Coronado
CEC Executive Director


Isla Magdalena: Building a sustainable coastal community with the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action

Amanda Lejbowicz
Coordinator, Program of Science and Baja California, Comunidad y Biodiversidad, A.C.
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Depave Paradise: Restoring natural diversity by ripping up concrete and asphalt and replacing it with soil and vegetation

Kathryn Gold
Green Communities Canada
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Dolores River Restoration Partnership (DRRP): A Collaborative, Community-based Approach to Watershed Restoration

David Critton
Chief Operations Officer
Southwest Conservation Corps
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Introduction and presentation of films on North America’s Marine Protected Areas


Networking session



Baja Ballroom

Council Public Meeting

Irasema Coronado
2013–2014 Operational Plan: Initiatives supporting strategic goals and addressing key environmental issues
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Rodrigo García
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Irasema Coronado
Launching Call for proposals for NAPECA 2013–2014
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Restaurant La Cascada

Lunch [provided]

Baja Ballroom

Council Public Meeting (continued) – Council town hall

Introduction on the conduct/format of the session by David Angus, JPAC Chair and moderator

Presentations from community and academic stakeholders on a topic related to “Transportation and the environment”, including web and on-site presentations


Council Session Closing

  • Signing of Council resolution and ministerial statement
  • Closing Remarks, by Acting EPA Administrator Bob Perciasepe
  • Concluding remarks and Passing the Torch by Secretary Guerra
  • New Council Chair and Announcement of 2014 Council Session by Assistant Deputy Minister Dan McDougall

End of Session

Playa Westin

Closing Dinner [provided]