Winners of the 2019 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Announced

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is pleased to announce the winners of the third Youth Innovation Challenge:

IXIM - Using your waste to create change!

Daniel Gonzalez and Noor-ur-Rahman Shaikh

Imagine that your bricks, interior walls of any space and furniture are made from corn stem, rice husk or beans pod.

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Daniel Luna López, Omar Venancio Sánchez Animas, and Andrés Gutiérrez Castillo

Animal nutrition through transformation of organic waste

It is estimated that in Mexico 105 thousand tons of organic waste are generated daily, of these only 11% are given an adequate use.

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A non-chemical alternative to pesticides for strawberry farms

Adam Stager, Ray Zayas, and Vishnu Somasundaram

More pesticides are used on strawberries than any other produce. With an average of 22 pesticide residues remaining when you buy strawberries in the market, it's no surprise that they are number one on the Dirty Dozen.

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