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Supporting enforcement and compliance with domestic environmental law and with multilateral environmental agreements

Tools and Resources

CEC Tools and Resources

Sustainable Trade of Priority Species in North America

We contribute to the to the legal, sustainable and traceable production and trade in these selected species.

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CEC Training Materials on Environmentally Sound Management

ESM can be defined as taking all practicable steps to ensure that used and/or end-of-life products and wastes are managed in a manner that will protect human health and the environment.


CEC Publication Cover

84 pages August 7, 2019

Trinational Trade and Enforcement Training Workshop to Support the Legal and Sustainable Trade in Turtles and Tortoises

The topics covered during the workshop addressed conservation, management, and enforcement needs. The workshop was conducted by holding specific...

CEC Publication Cover

49 pages August 6, 2019

Regional Workshop on the Evaluation of Capacities to Identify Woods in the Trade of CITES-listed Priority Timber Species

The objective was to exchange information and experiences, as well as databases, methodologies and tools, on identifying wood from six tree species...

Sound Management

2 pages July 16, 2019

Long-term Impact Assessment of the Sound Management of Hazardous Waste Work (1996–2014)

CEC’s work on hazardous waste management spanned 18 years and included the following initiatives: Training and consolidating...

Sustainable trade of tarantulas Publication Cover

27 pages February 13, 2019

Collaboration to support sustainable trade of tarantulas in North America

The Trinational Trade Session included 16 presentations in nine topics related to the conservation and sustainable trade in North American species of...

Identification of CITES-listed Tarantulas Publication Cover

80 pages February 13, 2019

Identification of CITES-listed Tarantulas

Collectively, these species comprise all of the tarantula species that are listed on the Appendices of CITES (at the time of writing). Common names,...