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Local and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

Local and Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

Indigenous and local ecological knowledge holders have a unique perspective that has evolved over multiple generations through direct contact with the environment. We partner with indigenous and local communities across North America to gather invaluable information about our changing environment and inform climate change adaptation strategies while respecting the unique nature of these knowledge systems.


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102 pages August 9, 2023

Identifying and compiling information on Indigenous and local communities in possession of traditional environmental knowledge (TEK) in Mexico

This report was written as part of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s project to compile a North American Atlas on Traditional...

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106 pages August 9, 2023

Inventory of TEK Projects and Engagement in Canada

Selected examples of these frameworks and projects are described in the body of the report, while extensive tables are included in the study’s...

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76 pages August 9, 2023

Compilation of Engagement with Indigenous Communities and Experts Associated with TEK in the United States

After briefly providing context and background for TEK work in the United States, the report describes existing frameworks at the international,...

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31 pages August 9, 2023

Guide to the Inventory of CEC initiatives with Indigenous engagement (1995-2018)

Classified under five different categories (Event/Public Consultation, Grant, Program/Project, Publication/Report, and Submission), nearly 150...

Ecosystem Function Publication Cover

2 pages August 9, 2023

Ecosystem Function and Traditional Ecological Knowledge:

Under its 2015–2016 project, Using Ecosystem Function and Traditional Ecological Knowledge Together to Build Resilience and Adapt to Climate Change...