Updates to the Climate Adaptation Toolkit for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas

Updates to the Climate Adaptation Toolkit for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas

Over the past year, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation and EcoAdapt have updated and expanded the Climate Adaptation Toolkit for Marine and Coastal Protected Areas (MPA Toolkit). The MPA Toolkit consists of a complement of resources and tools that support climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning for coastal and marine protected area practitioners. Presenters will […]

New tools to help communities prevent marine litter in North America

We know that most marine litter originates on land. Since 2017, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) has been facilitating collaboration and developing tools to address land-based marine litter in North America. In this webinar, speakers will present new tools developed by the CEC to help communities, cities, and organizations in North America take action […]

North American Pollinator Conservation Workshop

As part of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation’s (CEC) project Strengthening regional pollinator conservation to secure local benefits, this workshop convenes government experts and key stakeholders from Canada, Mexico and the United States to discuss the development of the North American Pollinator Conservation Framework, which will support informed decision-making for pollinator conservation in the three […]

Workshop on Addressing Vulnerabilities of Coastal Ecosystems and Communities along North America’s Pacific Coast

As per task 3.1 and 3.2 of project “Marine Protected Areas:  Strengthening Management Effectiveness and Supporting Coastal Community Resilience”, this workshop will present case studies related to ecological, economic and social vulnerabilities of selected coastal areas. Participants will explore collaboration opportunities at the seascape scale to address those vulnerabilities.

JPAC Regular Session 15-01: Green Growth and Sustainable Competitiveness in North America

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) of North America was created by the environmental side agreement to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). It has fostered trilateral cooperation on environmental issues of common concern for over two decades, including the link between trade and the environment, and how this relation affects society. As part […]

Joint Public Advisory Committee Regular Session 14-03: “North America’s Coasts in a Changing Climate”

In July 2014, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation Council—North America’s highest-level environmental authorities—announced that the CEC would focus on three priority areas for its 2015–2020 Strategic Plan: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Green Growth; and Sustainable Communities and Ecosystems. These priorities include trilateral engagement on coastal and marine issues. Climate change is affecting North America’s […]

Celebrating Our Shared Biodiversity – The North American Photo Challenge!

In 2014, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) of North America will celebrate 20 years of successful environmental partnerships in North America. To mark this milestone in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the CEC is hosting a photo contest with the theme: Celebrating Our Shared Biodiversity—The North American Photo Challenge!  Use your camera to […]

JPAC Regular Session 12-03 and Workshop – Reducing Ecosystem Vulnerability, Responding to Community Needs: Tools and Information for North American Action

North America’s ecosystems are under enormous stress—from a changing climate, the pollution emitted into the air and water, and the overconsumption of natural resources. This stress has already made many of our ecosystems vulnerable to irreversible change, with direct impacts on the human communities that depend on those ecosystems. This workshop will take a close […]

CEC Chemicals Management Forum

Reducing risk from chemicals that can harm human health and the environment requires international cooperation, since many of these chemicals move across national borders, either through international commerce or as emissions that can travel long distances through the air and water. North America has taken this challenge seriously through a trilateral Sound Management of Chemicals (SMOC) initiative […]

Seventeenth Regular Session of the CEC Council and Meeting of the Joint Public Advisory Committee (10-02)

Public events begin 16 August with a forum on healthy communities and ecosystems in North America, organized by the CEC Joint Public Advisory committee (JPAC). The results of this forum will help JPAC to prepare recommendations to the CEC Council. In its annual regular session, the CEC Council, consisting of the cabinet—level environment ministers (or […]

Roundtable Discussion on the CEC’s Priorities for 2010 and Beyond

The main objective of the meeting will be to develop a common vision around the new priorities outlined by the CEC’s Council of Ministers last June and to identify potential key elements to be included in the 2010–2015 Strategic Plan Welcome and opening remarks by the JPAC Chair, Adriana Nelly Correa Introductory remarks by the […]