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NAPECA Project

Comprehensive Municipal Solid Waste Management Program in Oaxaca’s Southern Sierra

Organization: Género y Flor de Maíz, A.C.

Location: Communities of San Francisco Coatlán and Santa María Coatlán in the municipality of San Pablo Coatlán, as well as the municipalities of San Jerónimo Coatlán, Santa Catarina Cuixtla and San Miguel Coatlán, all in the Miahuatlán district in the State of Oaxaca.
Country: Mexico

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No municipality in Oaxaca’s southern sierra region has a solid waste management program. Most farm residents burn their waste (plastics and PET [polyethylene terephthalate] included). Municipalities have precarious waste collection systems and deposit trash without any kind of management in municipal dumps. Only the municipal seats collect waste, every 15 days, although they do not have temporary storage sites or collection centers, and the transportation system is deficient. A highly negative environmental impact is seen in the communities, as the disposal sites or open-air dumps—mostly ravines—leak leachates and other waste into the subsoil. The negative impact includes the contamination of water resources, the air, the soil and the landscape. The region also lacks strategies to reduce the generation of municipal waste.

The project will help build capacities in the comprehensive management and handling of municipal solid waste, to prevent and mitigate the trash issue, improve the area’s environmental quality and create a environmental education program for the community.


  1. To give three communities environmentally sound infrastructure for waste collection, pickup, reuse, recycling and treatment, in order to maximize its valorization.
  2. To generate a children’s educational program aimed at reducing trash generation and decreasing the quantity of waste intended for final disposal, through reuse, recycling, and sound management.
  3. To assist communities and municipal authorities in the implementation of a comprehensive management and handling program for solid, special and hazardous waste, as well as the establishment of two collection centers.

Main activities