Although surrounded by one of the world’s most productive ecosystems, the Magdalena Island community is socially, economically and environmentally devastated. In 2009 Cobi initiated a marine reserves project with the aim of recuperating diminishing species (primarily abalone and lobster) and developing a better understanding of how a marine ecosystem functions. However, that same year, Hurricane Jimena left the community totally destroyed.

As a result of this catastrophe, Cobi adjusted the focus of its initial project in order to take the housing problem into consideration, with an integrated vision of long-term conservation of the ecosystem, and the aim of strengthening the population’s resilience to climate change.


Improve the quality of life for the Magdalena Island community. Promote environmental conservation through sustainable building.



A sustainable coastal community that corresponds to family needs and to the location’s climatic characteristics (30 housing units, meeting room, waterfront, community park, wind towers, solar water heaters). Training in and application of sustainable building techniques. Local contracting and positive economic spillover. Dissemination of a guide with methodology for a sustainable coastal community, for the general public. Positioning of Magdalena Island as a sustainable destination. Fund-raising.