Joint Public Advisory Committee Session No. 00-03

JPAC Chair, Regina Barba, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to Washington. She noted the absence, with reasons, of Johnathan Plaut, Mary Simon and Raúl Tornel. She informed
the audience that Jonathan Scarth, a Canadian member, has resigned. She also noted that Serena Wilson and Blanca Torres were attending a parallel meeting of Trade and Environment Officials
on Article 10(6) of the North American Agreement of Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC). Liette Vasseur attended the morning of 13 October. For the balance of the session she represented JPAC at a meeting of the Alternate Representatives.

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Washington, DC.
United States


October 14, 2000




Marcela Orozco
Senior Liaison Officer, Advisory Bodies and Public Engagement
(514) 350-4305

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