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Impulso a la conservación y uso sustentable de los pastizales de América del Norte por medio de alianzas

Situación actual: Concluido
Plan Operativo: 2013-2014

Diversas presiones sobre los pastizales de la zona central de América del Norte están poniendo en peligro sus ecosistemas y las economías que sustentan. Aprovechando los logros alcanzados con la labor conjunta realizada en el periodo 2011-2012, este proyecto implementa y promueve soluciones en materia de economía y conservación —entre ellas, gestión del agua y control de incendios— que responden a las causas fundamentales de la pérdida de pastizales.

Conservación de los pastizales

Principales logros

  • Twenty-one ranch pilot projects demonstrating economic and ecological benefits of grassland management techniques shared with over five hundred stakeholders through conferences, workshops, range schools and ranch tours across North America, and included as case studies in an online tool
  • Statistics on the North American beef cattle industries, beef cattle trade and grasslands disseminated as a series of infographics that raise awareness about the continentally integrated beef cattle market and its role in native grassland conservation.
  • Expanded the North American Grasslands Alliance through a trinational ranch tour and meeting of grassland landowners and managers, and rangeland and government experts to share evidence-based beneficial practices for grasslands conservation and sustainable use.


  • Officially launched the trilingual Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Online Tool in May 2014, featuring over one hundred resources, case studies, and videos from ranchers,
    conservation organizations, and government and academic bodies in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  • Summary case studies from the ranch pilot projects integrated into the online tool
  • A social marketing package, including training material and a set of infographics on the beef cattle industries, beef cattle trade and grasslands of North America
  • A trinational ranch tour and meeting featuring CEC-supported ranch pilot projects
  • Fourteen outreach events by regional partners

The experience will continue to be shared with other ranchers and their partners through additional ranch tours, conferences, and the Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Online Tool.