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Public Consultation of the Independent Report on Electricity and the Environment

The Secretariat of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is seeking comments on its initiative studying environmental issues in an integrated North American electricity market.

A discussion paper, Environmental Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving North American Electricity Market, has been prepared by the CEC Secretariat to facilitate dialogue on key environmental issues related to the emerging North American electricity market. This week the CEC, along with the Institute of the Americas, is hosting a symposium on these issues.

The results of the symposium—including recommendations from an independent advisory board of energy and environment experts and the CEC’s Joint Public Advisory Committee—and comments from the public will be used to produce a final report to the governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States. Written comments should be submitted, electronically or in hardcopy, before 10 January 2002 using the contact information provided below. All comments received will be posted on the CEC web site in their original languages.

Electricity and the Environment - Transmission tower

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