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Youth Innovation Challenge

Water Solutions for Sustainable Development

This year’s winners were selected for their impactful and innovative solutions to water-related challenges by demonstrating potential benefits for the environment and direct impacts that support communities, with a focus on social, environmental and economic equity.

“We are impressed by the bold and creative submissions from young innovators in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Each submission presented very interesting water-related solutions with a focus on sustainable development and demonstrated the drive and commitment of youth to act and provide solutions to pressing environmental challenges,” said Jorge Daniel Taillant, CEC Executive Director. “The future relies on the initiatives of young eco-entrepreneurs, like the participants in our CEC Youth innovation Challenge. Their passion for the environment and skillful ambition to tackle grave challenges will serve our planet and communities well.”

YIC 2023

Winners of the 2023 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Announced

YIC 2023

Aquaponics: A water-wise solution for sustainable food production

Gabrielle Kirk and Michael Lavorato  

Aquaponics: A water-wise solution for sustainable food production puts forward an innovative and sustainable form of agriculture as an alternative to current agricultural practices.

YIC 2023

BlueBond: burbujas que protegen nuestro agua (BlueBond: bubbles protecting our water)

Paloma Arena Serrano Ramos and Annie Aixa Rosas Hernández  

BlueBond: burbujas que protegen nuestra agua (BlueBond: bubbles protecting our water) offers a new way to fight plastic pollution in water bodies in North America.

YIC 2023

Escuela itinerante del agua por la vida (Water for life mobile school)

Perseida Tenorio Toledo and María Guiebeu Ballesteros Ávila  

The water for life mobile school is a solution which creates local change agents in Indigenous and marginalized communities to provide solutions to different water related issues.

YIC 2023

Is your water well?

Hailey Hall  

Is your water well is a community-based public health awareness campaign focused on well testing and identifying nitrate pollution.