Winners of the 2020 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Announced

Social Entrepreneurship for Environmental Sustainability!


Monique Chan

Bruized is a women-run food enterprise created from a passion project to combat food waste through education and yummy eats.

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Social Entrepreneurship for Environmental Sustainability!


Karime Guillen

NoPlastic is an innovative 100% biodegradable compostable bioplastic, based on Nopal cactus, agro-industrial fruit waste including peels and leaves, as well as natural additives.

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Social Entrepreneurship for Environmental Sustainability!


Ciara May

Rebundle is a plant-based synthetic hair brand that eliminates skin rashes and single-use waste.

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Important Dates
31 March, 2020 – Submission deadline
Week of May 11, 2020 – Announce 3 winners
25 & 26 June, 2020 – Winners present their solutions

How do you submit a solution via Submittable?
It is easy to submit your solution through Submittable.

  1. Log-in or register a profile with Submittable
  2. Read and accept the challenge guidelines
  3. Fill out the form to submit your solution

What are the elements of a successful submission? 

What do we mean by innovative solution?
The innovative solutions could be a:

Who can join the challenge?

How will your innovative solution be evaluated?
Your proposed solutions will be judged against the 4 following criteria:

  1. Impact (30%)
    How does your solution benefit the environment and the livelihoods of North American communities? Does it create green jobs and economic opportunities?
  2. Innovation (30%)
    How is your solution innovative? How does it differ from current solutions?
  3. Feasibility & Replicability (30%)
    How will you implement your solution considering technological feasibility and the availability of resources? Is your solution replicable and scalable?
  4. Economic Value (10%)
    Is there a market for your solution or does it fill a specific niche? Does your solution have potential for economic growth?

Who will select the finalists?
9 North American panelists will evaluate and select the finalists:

Who will select the winners?
The three winning solutions will be selected by environmental officials from the federal governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States from the pre-selected group of finalists.