Winners of the 2018 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Announced

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) is pleased to announce the winners of the second Youth Innovation Challenge:

Stop eating your dirty laundry - Our solution to microplastic pollution

Lauren Smith and Nicole Balliston

Microplastic pollution is a growing problem, gaining attention through bans on microbeads and straws, yet little has been done about the largest contributor, microfibres.

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Management of wastewater and organic waste with the use of insects

César Asensy Maldonado Monter, José Luis Ortiz Robles, and Héctor José Garrido Rosales

We transform wastewater and organic waste into sustainable products using insects. In Mexico, it is estimated that 60% of domestic and agri-food wastewater is released to aquatic bodies without any treatment, while 30% of all food is wasted.

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Future Fungi - An environmental solution to plastic issue

Nima ShahabShahmir

My business idea is called Future Fungi and it focuses on solving the plastic trash disaster issue across the planet by introducing a new environmental-friendly material.

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