Youth Innovation Challenge

2022 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge

The 2022 Youth Innovation Challenge, hosted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, invites North American youth, aged 18 to 30, to propose innovative, tangible, and youth-driven solutions to assist communities in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and identify the intersection between human health and the environment.

This 6th annual challenge, under the theme Innovation towards COVID-19 Recovery: Inclusive Solutions for Resilient and Sustainable Communities, encourages dynamic and creative young leaders to participate in actions, innovation, and transformation toward their communities’ recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation is no longer accepting submissions for the 2022 Youth Innovation Challenge. To stay up to date with challenge updates, we encourage you to follow the CEC’s social media accounts or sign up for the CEC newsletter.

2022 Evaluation Panel

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Michael Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer, Cambium Indigenous Professional Services (CIPS) Inc.

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Nathalia del Moral Fleury

General Manager, Yves Rocher North America

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Vanessa Fiore

Environmental Science Student, University of Ottawa

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Claudia Monroy Valentino

Founding Partner and Director, Espacios Naturales y Desarrollo Sustentable, A.C. (ENDESU)

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Fernando J. Díaz López

Head of Partnerships and Programmes, EIT Climate KIC

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Gener Méndez

Coordinator, Colectivo Rancho Alegre

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Geertje Grootenhuis

Program Director of the Wasted Food Prevention Program, San Diego Food System Alliance

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Santiago Ramírez Ávila

Innovation and Commercialization Liaison, Nuestro Barrio: Santurce Cultural District

Headshot of 2022 YIC Judge

Tom Wavering

Executive Director, Tom Love Innovation Hub


If you have questions, please contact:

Bhan Gatkuoth
Coordinator, Diverse and Inclusive Outreach and Engagement
(514) 350-4324