Youth Innovation Challenge

Submit your innovative and entrepreneurial ideas on how to leverage emerging technologies and find creative ways to address environmental challenges

2021 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge

Since 2017, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation has hosted the annual Youth Innovation Challenge, a contest that invites youth from Canada, Mexico and the United States to submit their innovative ideas and solutions for improving both the environment and the economy in North America.

The 2021 Youth Innovation Challenge, hosted by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, invites North American youth, aged 18 to 30, to propose innovative solutions to support communities in becoming more resilient and adaptive to climate change and help foster equal access to a healthy environment for all, particularly those underserved and vulnerable in Canada, Mexico and the United States (including isolated, remote, and Indigenous communities and peoples).

This 5th annual challenge focuses on Climate Change and Environmental Justice Innovations for Resilient Communities.


Winners of the 2021 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge Announced


Gabriel Saunders

Decomp, an organic plastic waste disposal solution that utilizes proprietary, plastic-degrading microbes to facilitate the degradation of plastics in weeks, as opposed to natural decomposition that can take several hundred years.

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Sustainable habitat for honey-producing bees

Claudia del Carmen Cornelio Caraveo

This team has created a device that physically supports apiaries (without endangering them), preventing ant infestations, and providing water during periodic droughts and dry seasons, besides establishing a floristic corridor for bees.

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Mobile School for Community Forestry

Gener Jesús Méndez Gutiérrez and the Rancho Alegre Collective

Using education, tools, and experience-based learning material specializing in forestry and conservation, the project will empower communities and local leaders to protect their environments sustainably.

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Xiangkun (Elvis) Cao

C2X is an initiative to re-imagine our carbon liability as an opportunity by upscaling carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) in an integrated process.

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2021 CEC Youth Innovation Challenge — Evaluation Panel


Brock Dickinson

Iman Berry

Pierre Dupuis


Klaudia Sánchez Espíndola

Marco Vinicio Alemán Pérez

Ricardo Romero

United States

Celeste Connors

Ciara May

Germarilis Ruiz