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Improving Air Quality

Improving Air Quality

Air resources are shared among our three countries and do not recognize national boundaries. Our work provides a more complete North American picture of air quality and air emissions, to support decision making on air quality management, and to ensure the protection of public health and natural ecosystems.

Factory releasing pollutants to the air

Tools and Resources

CEC Tools and Resources

Mining Sector: Interactive Infographic

North American industry sectors produce the energy, materials and items that we use every day. They also generate pollutants that must be managed.

Taking Stock

Taking Stock Online

Taking Stock Online allows users to explore North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) data through interactive tools and comprehensive reports.


CEC Publications

4 pages April 29, 2021

Long-term Impact Assessment of the CEC’s Work to Support AirNow-International

AirNow-International (AirNow-I) is a system that allows government agencies and organizations to collect, process, exchange, and communicate air...

CEC Publication Cover

89 pages December 14, 2015

North American Black Carbon Emissions

An expert panel provided input on these initial recommendations to ensure consensus on the proposed methods and data sources. The panel comprised...

CEC Publication Cover

58 pages December 7, 2011

North American Power Plant Air Emissions

Both the present report and its predecessor stem from a commitment of the CEC Council to promote the comparability of air emissions inventories in...