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Tools and Resources

Taking Stock Volume 16

North American Pollutant Releases and Transfers, with a feature analysis of off-site transfers to disposal

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Mining Sector: Interactive Infographic

North American industry sectors produce the energy, materials and items that we use every day. They also generate pollutants that must be managed.

Tools and Resources

North American Supply Chain Energy Management Program

Between 2018 and 2019, cohorts of OEM and their suppliers received best-in-class ISO 50001 training through a series of in-person and remote training sessions over 12 months.


Taking Stock

137 pages March 27, 2023

Taking Stock 16

North American PRTR data show that total releases and transfers reported by facilities across the region increased from more than 5.1 billion...

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5 pages August 10, 2021

CEC Policy Brief on Flood Costing

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) recognized information gaps in estimating economic impacts of floods in Canada, Mexico, and the...

CEC Publication Cover

6 pages July 20, 2021

Developing a Comprehensive Methodology for Evaluating Economic Impacts of Floods in Canada, Mexico and the United States

This variability leads to information gaps when prioritizing development investments for infrastructure renewal, institutional development, or...

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62 pages May 12, 2021

Guide to Drought Indices and Indicators Used in North America

Almost all participants reported their areas of responsibility had experienced drought in the past 10 years, and most indicated that drought was...

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4 pages January 6, 2021

Long-term Impact Assessment of CEC’s Work on Forest Carbon (2013–2017)

The forests of North America play an important role in the global greenhouse gas balance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, storing it...