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2nd Workshop on Methods for Assessing the Costs of Floods

2nd Workshop on Methods for Assessing the Costs of Floods

Workshop with experts on methodological approaches for multi-hazard economic impacts.

Drought Summit

This meeting will bring together experts and water/drought planners and drought information users to discuss current experiences and develop recommendations for improving the access to and use of drought products, tools, and best practices in order to better address the drought planning needs of North American regional and local decision-makers. Meeting Objectives: Convene and connect […]

Workshops on methods for assessing the costs of floods

As part of the CEC’s 2019-2020 project, Costing Floods and Other Extreme Events, this workshop is to convene experts from Indigenous, research and academic organizations, to discuss the incorporation of Indigenous perspectives in a proposed standardized North American methodology for costing floods and to evaluate its potential application to the assessment of the costs of cascading […]

Remote Sensing Early Warning Systems for Wildfires

Workshop to build the capacities of local and regional first responders, emergency managers, and decision-makers in disaster-prone regions relative to obtaining and using real-time satellite imagery in the preparation and response to these events.