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Submmission has been sent!

Submmission has been sent!

Your Citizen Submmission has been successfully sent. Thank you!

What Happens Next?

The Secretariat will analyze your submission and make a determination of whether it meets the admissibility requirements of Article 24.27 (2) of the Agreement.

If the Secretariat determines that your submission does not meet Article 24.27(2) of the Agreement, we will inform you in writing and explain the reasons, in which case you may be able to file a revised submission.

The Secretariat may at any time notify you of any minor errors of form in the submission in order for you to rectify them. A minor error of form is not a determination on the admissibility of your submission, and you should rectify the error as soon as possible in order for the Secretariat to conclude its initial review process.

If the Secretariat finds that your submission meets the admissibility criteria of Article 24.27(2), we will directly proceed to consider whether your submission merits a response from the Party in question under Article 24.27(3).  Both steps of this review will normally be completed within 30 working days of the filing of your submission.

Do you have any questions on how to file a submission?

Contact the SEM Unit at sem@cec.org or call us at (514) 350-4300. You may also visit our website and explore a video on the SEM Process or see more on past submissions filed before the CEC.