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Orion Kriegman

Orion is the founding Executive Director of the Boston Food Forest Coalition (BFFC) and played a major role in the conception of Egleston Community Orchard in Jamaica Plain, the first food forest site to be adopted into the BFFC land trust. Since then, Orion has collaborated with the City of Boston, colleagues and local neighbors to expand the number of healthy food forests included in the land trust and the number of Bostonians included in the movement.

Prior to the creation of BFFC, Orion received his Masters in Public Policy and Urban Planning from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He spent nine years at the Tellus Institute coordinating the Great Transition Initiative, an international network of scholars and activists examining the requirements for a transition to a sustainable planetary civilization.

BFFC is a 2023–2024 EJ4Climate grant recipient for the project Community-led Food Forest Development for Climate Resilience in Boston.

Instagram: @bostonfoodforest

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BostonFoodForest/

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/orionkriegman