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María Luisa Soto Moreno

An active collaborator and consultant with multiple civil society organizations on issues related to the protection, conservation and restoration of forest resources, soil and water, María Luisa Soto Moreno has been with the Topia Cooperative’s Conservation and Comprehensive Forestry Development Unit since 1990. As coordinator, she provides comprehensive advisory services, training, accompaniment and liaison services to ejidos and communities in Durango, Mexico.

Throughout her career, she has promoted the certification, by national and international organizations, of good forestry management in related economic sectors such as beekeeping, living pharmacies and women’s community enterprises, etc., in communities throughout the state of Durango.

Currently, she is coordinating Climate Action Reserve (CAR) protocol-compliant carbon capture projects, as per Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines. These projects are a joint forests and water conservation initiative of the Topia ejido and business partner Del Fuerte.