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Katia Forgues

Katia Forgues is a young scientist with a profound passion for nature, our relationship with it, and empowering youth and communities to become environmental leaders. She serves as the co-director of Sustainable Youth Canada, a youth-led non-profit advocating for increased youth involvement in policy and empowering students across Canada to launch environmental projects in their regions, and she is also a member of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Youth Council.

With a Master’s degree in Biology from McGill University, Katia has been involved in diverse projects, such as weather monitoring in Northern Quebec with Cree communities, studying the impacts of climate change on berries that are traditionally harvested by the Innus, and working on reforestation and carbon offset initiatives in Panama with an Embera community. Her journey is fueled by a love for learning and a deep appreciation for the diverse perspectives of the people with whom she connects along the way.