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Iman A Berry

Iman Berry is the co-founder of Green Ummah (GU), a federally registered non-profit focused on providing education related to environmental justice to young people all over Canada and the US. GU works with educators, nature guides, Indigenous communities, and scientists to develop school curriculums about environmental justice. In each classroom, the curriculum is taught, and students are brought on field trips to local nature areas to build relationships with the land. To date, GU has provided 1000s of students with this experience. In addition to GU, Iman has also worked to provide education about the relationship between climate and politics through lobbying, organizing political debates and education campaigns. Iman currently serves as the Migration and Climate Change Contact Point and as a part of the Global Coordination team for the youth constituency of the UFCCC. Iman was also one of the Canadian Youths chosen for the 2023 CEC Youth Engagement Week, where youth from all over North America developed a youth strategy.