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Alexandre Savard & Nicolas Jourdan-Gassin

Alexandre Savard (he/him)  

Passionate about the plastic pollution issue, Alexandre founded the student project Hoola One, which is now a successful Quebec start-up. After completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (Universite de Sherbrook), Alexandre worked for various impact companies, including Oneka Technologies, where he held the position of Operations Manager. Wishing to find solutions to replace single-use plastic parts, he decided to go back to school and start his own business. 

Alexandre is responsible for the company’s technological development and financing. 

Nicolas Jourdan-Gassin (he/him) 

Nicolas is an enthusiast for circular economy. With a background in business management, he has outstanding communication skills. Before embarking on his entrepreneurial adventure, Nicolas worked as a research assistant at McGill University and as an impact analyst at Impak. 

With a strong network in Quebec’s sustainable development community, Nicolas will lead the company’s business development and marketing.