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Reduction of Marine Litter

Status: Active
Operational Plan: 2021
Project Duration: 30 months
Start date: November 15, 2021

Marine litter is a growing problem that negatively affects economies, threatens ecosystems, and poses a potential risk to human health. It is estimated that 80% of marine litter originates from land-based sources, often due to the improper disposal of items or uncollected waste that becomes litter and travels through watersheds to the oceans. Previous work included the development of guidance and engagement tools to reduce marine litter in inland communities. Building on this past work, the current project aims to build public awareness about marine litter, deploy litter capture devices, collect comparable data across the three countries. This project will reduce land-based marine litter, including single-use plastic products and packaging, in communities located inland along waterways and river systems in North America.

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Reduction of Marine Litter


  • Marine litter is a global problem impacting ecosystems and economies
  • Public awareness of inland sources of marine litter is needed to spur community action to address marine litter


  • We are working to prevent marine litter by demonstrating, educating, and communicating about the flow of marine litter from inland communities to the marine environment.


  • Trash capture devices deployed in three North American communities
  • Community science activities to engage local communities in marine litter reduction
  • Public awareness campaign to communicate the problem of land-based marine litter

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