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Reaching Horizon 2030: An Environmental Outlook for North American Cooperation

Status: Active
Operational Plan: 2024
Project Duration: 23 months
Start date: February 1, 2024

The initiative Reaching Horizon 2030: An Environmental Outlook for North American Cooperation (H-2030) will assess significant environmental challenges to 2030 that can be addressed through the CEC, providing critical information and input for the development of the CEC Strategic Plan 2026–2030. The H-2030 report to be developed through this initiative will also serve as a strategic guidance document and data resource for government policy makers, organizations, academia and other key actors in North America and other regions to inform research, policy and action.

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Reaching Horizon 2030


The global community recognizes that we are in a critical decade where meeting 2030 climate change and biodiversity goals is essential to keeping global warming within 1.5°C and addressing biodiversity loss. It is important for the CEC’s work to support these international goals, ensuring that North America contributes to global leadership.

To help define how CEC action can be most strategic in addressing the triple planetary crisis (encompassing climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss) and supporting international goals, the H-2030 initiative will promote CEC engagement to work with a diverse set of partners representing the CEC’s wide-based key stakeholder groups.


The CEC’s H-2030 initiative will anticipate and prepare for emerging environmental and climate challenges that North America will face from now until 2030 and beyond. Through regional expert engagement and public consultations, the initiative will identify and issue recommendations on how the CEC could contribute to addressing these challenges through its strategies, programs and partnerships. The initiative will also include a set of pilot projects in response to these recommendations.


  • A network of key environmental actors.
  • A comprehensive H-2030 report which will include: 1) an overarching assessment of key environmental issues, challenges and emerging trends to 2030; and 2) special sections/chapters providing strategic recommendations outlining concrete actions North America should take by 2030 on three priority topics, as well as potential pilot projects related to those topics.
  • Three pilot projects, guided by expert input, which will serve to initiate and test new collaborative areas of work in line with the three priority topics.
  • Engagement activities and outreach resources.

For more information about this project or to partner with us, contact:

Nathalie Daoust
Director, Government Relations, Strategy and Performance