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North American Power Plant Air Emissions

January 11, 2005 93 pages
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North American Power Plant Air Emissions

January 11, 2005 93 pages


This report represents a milestone in promoting cooperation in North America through the collection, exchange, and public dissemination of comparable environmental information by Canada, Mexico and the United States. The report presents, for the first time, specific air pollutant information from 2002 for individual fossil fuel–fired power plants across North America.

This information will assist air quality planners, energy analysts, and the public to garner a greater understanding of the environmental performance of the electricity generating sector on a continental scale. This includes a clearer picture of how the environmental performance of individual power plants in each country compares in terms of the pollutants released to the atmosphere, whether regional differences exist in emissions levels, and if there are clusters of high-emitting facilities that may contribute to downwind pollution transport, including across international borders.
Now available: Consultation on Emissions from Coal-fired Electrical Utilities (International Joint Commission and Commission for Environmental Cooperation).

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Theme: Climate Change, Pollutants