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North American Power Plant Air Emissions

December 7, 2011 58 pages
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North American Power Plant Air Emissions

December 7, 2011 58 pages


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North American Power Plant Air Emissions builds upon the first-such CEC assessment (published in 2004) that compiled information on emissions of criteria air pollutants, mercury, and carbon dioxide from power plants in North America for the year 2002. For the first time, data on the release of air pollutants from power plants burning fossil fuels were brought together from different national sources, varying greatly in terms of completeness and accessibility, into one format offering comparable information on fossil fuel power plant emissions in North America.

Both the present report and its predecessor stem from a commitment of the CEC Council to promote the comparability of air emissions inventories in North America, and specifically calling upon the CEC to produce periodic reports summarizing available information from North American air emissions inventories. This report reflects the ongoing collaboration of Canada, Mexico and the United States to examine the contribution of fossil fuel power plant air emissions to pollution across the region. It presents, in condensed form, updated and publicly available information on the release of specific air pollutants, including greenhouse gases, from individual fossil-fuel power plants across North America. The scope and level of information on power plants have increased since the publication of the first report. Accordingly this edition presents data for emissions of additional pollutants, including methane, nitrous oxide and particulate matter, as well as more complete coverage of carbon dioxide and mercury emissions. It also includes data from a larger number of facilities per country and thus offers a more complete picture of power plant air emissions across North America. In addition, the complete integrated dataset used in the report can be accessed online at .

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