About this Project

Status: Active
Operational Plan: 2019 - 2020


Across North America, governments and businesses are increasingly realizing the enormous impacts of food loss and waste. Uneaten food represents social, environmental and economic costs, but also a large opportunity. Taking action to prevent food loss and waste offers a rare “triple win” – economic gains, reduction of environmental impacts and improved quality of life for those who currently lack sufficient food.


The CEC is working to prevent and reduce food waste by engaging with two groups who can make a huge difference:

The North American Food Supply Chain

The CEC’s Practical Guide for Reducing Food Waste will be used by organizations and small and medium enterprises across the food supply chain to help them to realize social, environmental, and economic benefits: becoming more environmentally conscious while also reducing the use of resources and saving money.


The CEC’s Food Matters Action Kit will be used by youth, youth groups, community centres and educators across North America to encourage youth to reduce food loss and waste in their homes, schools and communities.