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People for Pollinators

Celebrate the importance of pollinators

While many of us have fond memories of pollinators like the iconic monarch butterfly and its yearly migration, or magical summer fireflies, few are aware of the vital services these animals provide daily.

Pollinators, such as birds, bats, butterflies, bees, beetles, flies and many more insects, ensure the reproduction of many plants that humans and wildlife depend on for survival and are critical for global economic and food security.

Nevertheless, pollinators face various threats, including habitat loss and degradation, pesticides, diseases and more. Their rapid decline is threatening the health of our ecosystems and millions of livelihoods across North America that rely on pollinator-dependent crops.

Join us in spreading the word about pollinator conservation. Together, we can help pollinators and, in turn, help ourselves.

People for Pollinators
People for Pollinators

Pollinators are essential for the production of the foods we love

Pollinators support the reproduction of nearly 75 percent of our food crops and roughly 85 percent of all flowering plants, including many crops that give us the fruits, nuts, and vegetables critical to a diverse diet.

Food is a fundamental necessity. Imagine a world without pollinators: our food choices would be limited, with no coffee in the mornings, and no chocolate for desserts.

9 ways you can help pollinators

We can all do our part through small shifts as well as large transformations to help the pollinators, whose work is critical to our wellbeing and to keeping our favorite foods on our tables.

As pollinators face unprecedented pressures, now is the time to take urgent action that will help secure the future of pollinators on our planet.

There are many simple, easy steps you can take to support pollinators, regardless of your age, where you live, or what you do!


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