NAPECA Project

Sustainable Development in Purépecha Indigenous Communities along Lake Patzcuaro, Municipality of Patzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico

Organization: Panorama Ambiental, A.C.
Location: Indigenous community of Urandén de Morelos, Yunuén and Tecuén.
Country: Mexico
Other Organizations Involved:

  1. Panorama Ambiental, A.C.,
  2. Consultora Ambiental Limnos, S.C.,
  3. Natural Resource Research Institute, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo,
  4. Josefina y Félix, Sociedad de Producción Rural,
  5. Ekomujeres Mexico-Sweden,
  6. Universidad de Murcia, Spain,
  7. Patzcuaro Municipal Government,
  8. Indigenous community of Urandén de Morelos, Yunuén and Tecuén,

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Completed Purépecha - NAPECA


For centuries, the Purépecha indigenous communities settled at Lake Patzcuaro and its shores have depended on its waters for their collective development and well-being. However, today, pollution, the loss of endemic biological resources of high economic value, such as the pike silverside (Chirostoma estor estor), ecological impairment, and social fragmentation have led to social marginalization, extreme poverty, emigration to the United States, and the loss of indigenous identity in these communities.

The purpose of the project is to foster social organization, reinforce the indigenous identity and consolidate economic autonomy through the responsible use of the wetland ecosystem, the biological conservation of the pike silverside and the development of production projects compatible with the regional reality, through ecological zoning, productive training, respect for gender equality and the strengthening of the indigenous organization.


  1. To form local leaders capable of strengthening the Purépecha indigenous identity and develop sustainable production and conservation projects.
  2. To draft community ecological zoning in the three indigenous communities at Lake Patzcuaro: the islands of Morelos, Yunuén and Tecuén.
  3. To create administrative microplanning strategies for the efficient use of economic resources in the family production unit, with consultation forums for participative planning and decision-making in the indigenous communities of Urandén de Morelos, Yunuén and Tecuén.
  4. To implement sustainable production and environmental conservation projects, including elements of floriculture, woodland nurseries, crafts, ecotourism, patron saint festivities, gastronomy and conservation of the pike silverside and salamander (Ambystoma dumerilii) in Lake Patzcuaro.
  5. To hold the first Purépecha forum on sustainable regional development in the Lake Patzcuaro and Zirahuén area, both to create awareness of progress and also to share experiences and results.
  6. To prepare a procedure manual for the regional development of Purépecha indigenous communities at Lake Patzcuaro.

Main activities