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NAPECA Project

Protecting the Environment and Health in Indigenous Communities in the Huasteca Region by using Ecological Stoves

Organization: Servicio Desarrollo y Paz Huasteca Potosina, A.C.

Country: Mexico
Other Organizations Involved:

  • Coordinadora de Organizaciones Campesinas e Indígenas de la Huasteca Potosina (COCIHP),
  • La Unión de Mujeres Campesinas e Indígenas de Xilitla (UMCX),
  • La Sociedad Cooperativa Agropecuaria La Igualdad (SCAIX),
  • Grupo de Técnicos de la Parcela Escuela Tonantlal,

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Completed Indigenous Communities in the Huasteca Region - Ecological Stoves


There are high rates of respiratory illnesses, primarily pneumonia and bronchitis, in the Huasteca communities. By building ecological stoves, the use of cooking wood can be reduced by 40%, with the resulting decrease in burns and illnesses caused by smoke, and a reduction in the time required for the domestic task of collecting wood that especially affects women and girls.

The project is having a positive impact in relation to the previous neglect of the environment in this area, which is characterized by great biodiversity, and the risks to social well-being generated by damages to ecosystems that have led to the indigenous population’s marginalization. The improved stoves create an appropriate, effective solution to be replicated widely.


Protect and conserve the environment, and generate sustainable management of natural resources in the Huasteca Region of the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains of Mexico, through the organizing of communty projects. Improve living and health conditions through the implementation of appropriate technologies, strengthening indigenous autonomy and the traditional customs of the Nahua and Tenek communities.

Main activities